Historically in the community of cultures, people have always had a place to go to that was a little like home. In the southern states, you will find communities where people will flock with conversation, needs, friendship and fellowship to such places as Big Momma’s House (grandmom’s house), or Madea’s House (a term of endearment for Grandmom). It was a place of laughter, food, and learning. A safe haven when there was nothing else available. Friends of the community were always at Big Momma’s House. It was full of neighborhood people who had your best interest at heart.

Today, we know this to be the Home House. A safe environment for all of the community, professionals, officials, and families to come and chit chat, grab a bite to eat, or join in on improving your life through workshops that support your current needs. Most of what we see is organic, but the love and growth is intentional. We have already engaged willing business and community leaders, grandparents and volunteers to support the work of the various arms, teaching and feeding all who come and desire to share.



It is the endeavor of the organization to extend partnerships to these families through a local venue  given to bridging relationships and availing resources that serve the needs of the community. Here are some key components surrounding our mission:

  • Provide a gathering place for neighborhood youth, individuals, and groups working with the disenfranchised in the city of Erie.
  • A base for safe on-site mentoring and other forms of support to the local youth population, as well as parental networking.
  • A grass roots organization designed to organically support local families in the area.



The Home House of Erie looks to provide such programs as:

  • STAMP: Students, Teachers, Administrators, Mentors, and Parents coming together to support the welfare and development of neighborhood youth.
  • CHAMP: Coming Home Again Mentoring Program for Youth
  • School of the Science & Arts: Providing learning opportunities for youth interested in technology, music, art, poetry and crafting.
  • School of Oratory Studies: Giving opportunity for advancement in the study of deliberating and pontificating repertoire.
  • IMAGE: Designed to meet the needs of girls who express a desire for a safe place to voice their concerns and are in need of resources to help them gain life skills.
  • Teen Forum: The Teen Forum facilitates honest conversations regarding everyday issues for teenagers in the community. Teens will be encouraged to make wise decisions through discussions, presentations, history     lessons, role-playing, essays, and safe interaction with   positive role models.
  • Summer Camp: Provide one week of complimentary summer camp for 50-100 children from ages 7-11, field trips to local venues that support the growth and development of children.
  • Homework Club: The homework club is an after school program geared to providing mentorship and assistance from peers within the community.
  • Parental & Adult Workshops: It is our endeavor, through collaborative efforts, to extend mini workshops and forums that will support the exposition of strategic leadership dynamics while holding to the core values of cultural transformation. We are linking concepts to action, and providing an accountability network that       encourages transformation.

As a neighborhood entity, it is our endeavor to bridge the gap between families and organizations who desire to bring a presence of hope and change to a growing community. Through grass root methods, we look to change the lifestyles of our participants and build better neighbors through support, fellowship, and service.


Next Steps...

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